What is AELCloud?

AELCloud is an online platform for managing OrcaFlex analysis and running simulations on both cloud and you own local servers. It provides unique scalability and traceability for dynamic analysis projects.


Dynamic analysis can be on the critical path for vessel mobilisations, design freezes and production activity. AELCloud offers a way to reduce the time needed to run simulations by providing on-demand server capacity increases. Consider the following example:

You have provided your client a complete analysis report on an offshore installation, the final load case matrix took 1500 hours of  total processing time. Two days prior to mobilisation, an inspection program has revealed that one of the assets to be installed is outside the design specification. The change in design has an impact on the loads and your client is requesting a quote to re-run all the analysis to obtain a revised analysis report. They need this doing "yesterday" and every day they wait for the report the vessel will not be allowed to mobilise. 
With AELCloud you can give your client a number of options for reducing the lead time for analysis based on buying additional server resources. 

Because AELCloud provides capacity increases without the need for investment in hardware it allows analysts to adjust simulation times to the commercial context.


Access to on demand servers is only one benefit of AELCloud. We offer an option to run the simulations on your local servers which still benefits from the online AELCloud platform with an interface to track and manage model revisions and simulation batches. The system also provides a "check and approve" flow for model data to ensure quality and traceability. 

AELCloud also automatically post-processes results and links the key findings to the relevant simulation file for quick access to key information. When a batch of simulations is finished the whole team instantly receives an email with a summary of the results. This can save hours of post-processing time and removes the likelihood of errors due to moving data between spreadsheets.

More information?

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