Meet the team : Steven Rossiter

First up in our meet the team series is our Managing Director, Steven Rossiter, who will give an insight into life at AgileTek (and what he gets up to in his spare time)

Can you describe a normal working day at AgileTek?

I try to avoid commuting into London at rush hour so I tend to arrive at the office around 7am or not until after 10am. If I arrive early I’ll usually be the only person in the office for a couple of hours so I try to use this time to do some “deep work” as described in Cal Newport’s book. Every day in the office is different but is usually some different combination of writing/reviewing documents, talking to colleagues, liaising with clients/suppliers, arranging meetings and writing code (mainly in Python and JavaScript). I probably spend 30-40% of my time out of the office attending meetings and events in all corners of the globe.

What are your main responsibilities at AgileTek?

I’m responsible for making sure we have a safe, comfortable working environment and a well-trained and motivated team. I’m also constantly working to develop new opportunities to keep that team busy and growing. In addition, I architect and lead the development of our web applications.

What is your background/career history before joining AgileTek?

I have a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Sheffield but wanted to move to London where my then-girlfriend, now-wife was going to be studying. I got a job with a subsea engineering consultancy and worked there for 6 years learning about analysis of SURF products and ancillaries. I became particularly interested in the emerging offshore wind industry and what skills from the oil & gas market could be applied there. I then moved to a contracting role with a UK cable and umbilical manufacturer for 18 months. Since leaving university I’d also been teaching myself web application development and in late 2014 I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to co-found AgileTek with the vision to use the latest web/cloud technology to create a highly efficient engineering consultancy.

What is your favourite aspect of your job?

I love finding new technology that can be used to solve long-standing problems and then working with our team of smart, motivated engineers to implement it.

Any hobbies/interests in your spare time?

I have two small children (4-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy) so spare time is something that is steadily disappearing. I’m a keen but uncoordinated golfer, I watch way too many different live sports on TV; golf, cricket, rugby, American football, association football, athletics. I’m not fussy, I find all sport at elite level compelling viewing. My wife and I are committed boxset watchers, we’re currently working our way through the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

What has been the best project you have worked on and why?

We worked with Fugro on a submarine cable installation for an offshore windfarm which was very rewarding. It was the first time we utilised our AELCloud system allowing us to deploy additional servers on-demand to scale our analysis capability and deliver results the project needed on their timescales. Having lead the development of a system it was great to see it in action on a live project although there were a couple of late-night bug squashing sessions required!