The London to Tallinn Challenge

In November 2020, employees from Tekmar Group companies, Agiletek Engineering, Subsea Innovation, and Ryder Geotechnical came together to take on the challenge of collectively traveling 2058 km, the distance from Agiletek’s office in London to Tallinn in Estonia, where one of the team has relocated.

The challenge was created in response to two concerns. One was the need to maintain regular exercise and time outdoors in the cold winter months of lockdown. The other was the desire to combat the feeling of isolation whilst working from home without the ability to regularly socialise, which the team was previously accustomed to.

All modes of active travel were allowed, so contributions from walking, running and cycling were included. The challenge was completed just in time for Christmas, totaling 180 contributions in 7 weeks whilst crossing 8 countries. The team also recorded 15.6km of elevation!

The challenge proved to be a major success, with one participant, commenting: ‘I love a challenge and the thought of being part of something with other people was great. It was nice to have a reason to jump on my bike and get outside which was even more important when the gyms closed. It was great cycling to Tallinn, and doing it with other people really gave me the motivation to give that little extra push to get us over the line”

Plans for future exercise challenges are now in development. Stay tuned for what’s to come.

Below Image: The route (inclusive of the ferry crossing distance)