TekLink Cable Protection System (CPS)

With an extensive track record in the connection and protection of submarine power cables, the TekLink Cable Protection System offers full protection of power cables, from hang-off through to burial, during installation and over their service life. The system is specially designed for offshore installation as part of or prior to the cable pull-in operation, utilising a heritage of standard parts from the oil & gas and telecoms industries, the solution provides proven technology.


  • Suitable for all foundation types
  • J-tube and J-tubeless interfacing
  • Installation with or before cable pull-in
  • Proven diver-less removal


  • Minimum 25-year design life for the protection of cables
  • Protection from 1, 10, 50 and 100 year storm events
  • Independent protection against scour development
  • Impact protection, typically up to D50 500mm rocks
  • Cable clamp-free design options offers flexible installation
  • Full protection from hang-off through to burial
  • Independent cable removal and replacement options


  • Significant cost saving over J-tube alternative
  • Simple and effective installation methodology
  • Fully engineered, tried and tested system
  • Highest track record in OWF for cable installations
  • 85 projects representing over 8,000 systems
  • Installation rate of up to 8 systems per 24 hours
  • Diver-less installation capable
  • Quick and efficient diver-less removal
  • Third party verified by DNV