AgileTek provides cost-effective engineering services that evaluate and quantify risks to offshore assets during design, procurement, manufacture, and installation through to decommissioning.

We combine modern software development, cloud computing and data science techniques with traditional engineering practice to efficiently deliver these services to the offshore energy industry.

We focus on quality control of our engineering, proactive problem solving and clear presentation of our findings and recommendations.

Offshore Installation Analysis

AgileTek have developed a suite of tools for offshore installation analysis to ensure cables, cable protection systems (CPS) and vessels are all realistically modelled.
Global Analysis is conducted using the industry-leading OrcaFlex package to simulate various loading scenarios.

Structural FEA

Finite Element Analysis offers operators a means of validating designs against associated environmental and operational scenarios
that could impact the performance of equipment, enabling them to take mitigating actions.

Submarine Power Cables

Based on the experience of more than 60 cable designs, AgileTek has developed its own cable software suite to minimise the risks
associated with cables during all project stages including design, construction, installation, and repair operations.

Thermal and Electrical Analysis

AgileTek conduct cable rating calculations for offshore wind farm array and export power cables.
These make use of CPS thermal modelling techniques which AgileTek have developed to include natural convection effects.

Umbilicals, Risers & Flowlines

The analysis of SURF products is one of AgileTek’s main areas of expertise. Our procedure is approved by DNV GL, with AgileTek holding exclusivity
usage rights, in the development of the most advanced software in the industry, to perform Pipeline Lateral Stability Analysis (PILS).

CFD Analysis

AgileTek’s CFD capabilities offer our clients the ability to perform hydrodynamic analysis of subsea components and structures to assess and develop new or existing designs.
Capabilities include modelling of regular non-linear wave-structure interaction of offshore structures.